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Smile More with Your Cigna Dentist in Ellington

Smiling dental patientThe team at Zahner Dental is always willing to go the extra mile in order to give you and your family the best service possible. We offer a complete menu of dental procedures, take care of smiles young and old and we also provide great customer service from the moment you walk through the door. Now, that includes accepting Cigna dental insurance. Please read on to find out how you get the most from your benefits with the Cigna dentist in Ellington.

How Does Cigna Dental Insurance Work?

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Cigna Dental offers three dental benefits plans:

  • Cigna Dental Preventive
  • Cigna Dental 1000
  • Cigna Dental 1500

These are fee-for-service plans, which means that in exchange for your premium payments, you are eligible for discounts on treatments you and your family routinely need to have healthy teeth and gums.

As with your car and home insurance, you will need to satisfy a deductible. That’s the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket before your Cigna dental insurance coverage begins to pay for treatments.

Once you meet your deductible, you’re eligible for a specified amount of coverage over the course of a year. Our dentists and staff will work to schedule appointments in order to use your benefits most effectively.

How Does Dental Insurance Cover Procedures?

Dentist working on patientThat depends on the type of procedure you need. Cigna plans—like most other dental insurance plans—work on a 100-80-50 scale. Preventive services are covered at 100 percent. These include:

  • Two annual exams and cleanings
  • One annual set of X-rays
  • Topical fluoride treatments
  • Dental sealants

During a dental exam, we may find a tooth that requires restorative care, such as a tooth-colored filling or a crown. These are typically covered at 80 percent. More complex services are covered by 50 percent. Dental insurance benefits do not cover cosmetic dentistry and other elective services.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Dental Benefits?

The first step toward getting the maximum out of your Cigna dental benefits is making sure to see an in-network dentist. Our front office staff will verify your benefits in order to know the parameters of your plan, such as the annual maximum.

With this information, your dentist in Ellington will develop an individualized plan to help you achieve the best oral health possible. You should know, however, that whether you have dental insurance or not, we will always work in the best interest of your smile.

If you do have coverage with Cigna, here are some ideas for getting the most out of your benefits:

  • Schedule two dental cleanings and exams every year
  • Once you’ve met your deductible, complete treatment plans up to the annual maximum allowed
  • Stick to a strict dental hygiene program at home, which can help you avoid the need for more extensive and expensive dental care.