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Zahner Dental Blog

October 20, 2019

Time Goes Fast! See A Dentist Now So You Don’t Lose Insurance Benefits

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Computer screen that reads, Dental BenefitsIf you’re not a fan of losing money (and who is?), here’s a sobering statistic that may interest you: Each year, Americans collectively miss out on 152 billion dollars in dental insurance benefits. That works out to just over $900 per person that could otherwise be used for dental care. How does this happen? In most cases, people don’t realize that their benefits don’t roll over at the end of the year and fail to schedule their appointments in time. Fortunately, there are still a couple of months left in 2019, so you still have time to use your insurance to see a dentist in Ellington at an affordable rate. Learn more below about how to get the most from your benefits and improve your oral health at the same time!


September 27, 2019

Don’t Rely on Store-Bought Whitening Products; See Your Dentist Instead!

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Teeth WhiteningIt’s no secret that plenty of people are worried about having a less than dazzling grin; in fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, “whiter teeth” is the most common change for Americans to want to make to their smiles. Plenty of products at the store claim they can help you with this goal, but is that really the best solution? Learn why professional teeth whitening in Ellington could be the best way to help a set of pearly whites that have lost their gleam.


August 3, 2019

How Can CEREC Crowns Benefit You?

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dental crown

Our lives are very busy these days. Between work, school, family, and other social engagements, it can be almost impossible to find time for two dental appointments to get a crown. Luckily, your dentist has a solution – CEREC in Ellington. CEREC crowns offer several benefits that traditional crowns do not, the big one being that they can be crafted in just one day, minimizing your time spent at the office. Let’s learn more about CEREC crowns and their other advantages.


July 12, 2019

Relax and Get the Treatment You Need By Seeing a Sedation Dentist in Ellington

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patient receiving nitrous oxideWhen you walk into a dental practice, does the sterile smell of the office and bright lighting send you into an anxious spiral? This can make it a stressful task just to schedule an appointment and get the oral care you need to keep your teeth healthy and bright for years to come. When you visit a sedation dentist in Ellington, you can show up relaxed, confident, and enjoy a worry-free procedure. Read on to learn about how nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation can help calm your nerves. (more…)

April 10, 2019

5 Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist in Ellington

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family at dentistAs a parent, your schedule is jammed pack and you’re constantly running around town trying to keep up with everything from parent-teacher conferences to after-school activities. You may be getting tired of visiting multiple dentists to accommodate each of your family member’s needs, which means it’s time to make the switch to seeing a family dentist in Ellington. This is the best way to consolidate your schedule and even have a little extra time for yourself at the end of the day. Read on to learn 5 great benefits of switching to a family dentist.     (more…)

March 15, 2019

It’s Time For Your Smile’s Spring Cleaning With Your Dentist in Ellington!

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siblings at dentistWalking out to your car to leave for work, you notice the air is becoming thick with moisture. You catch a glimpse of your flowers beginning to bloom on your front patio, and you know it’s time to scrub the house clean! The start of spring means collecting all the stray pieces of your life and creating a more organized and healthier you. So why not start with cleaning up your oral health before you start with the house? After all, your body is the most important thing to take care of. Read on to find out what benefits going to your semi-annual checkup and cleaning with your dentist in Ellington have to offer you. (more…)

February 15, 2019

Your Family Dentist in Ellington Offers The Best Ways To Keep Your Million Dollar Smile

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person flossing in the mirrorSometimes it seems like a simple task to maintain your oral hygiene, but it’s worth putting the time and effort into researching. While typical daily routines are helpful, there are other things you should do to keep your mouth in tip-top shape. Your family dentist in Ellington can help you develop the best routines to keep up on your oral health.


December 15, 2018

Your Family Dentist in Ellington Gives 5 Holiday Oral Health Tips!

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friends gathered celebrating holidaysIt’s that joyous time of the year where gifts are to be exchanged, and families gather to celebrate. As you prepare for the festivities, though, your family dentist in Ellington says don’t forget to take the necessary steps to protect your oral health. Read on to learn 5 helpful tips to put to use.


October 1, 2018

Have a Healthy Halloween from Your Children’s Dentist in Ellington

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Children in costumes with candy.Happy Halloween! As the holiday approaches, kids and parents alike are getting excited to dress up and eat their favorite treats. Halloween is a fun time for you and your family, but this time of year also means more candy consumption. Keep reading to learn how you and your loved ones can have a happy Halloween, while keeping your teeth healthy at the same time from your children’s dentist in Ellington.


September 21, 2018

Are All Toothpaste Brands the Same? A Family Dentist in Ellington Weighs in

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A young girl brushing her tongue.Some choices in life aren’t as easy as they first appear. Take choosing a toothpaste for example. “That’s easy,” you may say. “One is as good as another.” In truth, however, toothpastes can differ greatly in terms of the benefits they offer. Here are some tips from a family dentist in Ellington for making this important decision.


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