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December 15, 2018

Your Family Dentist in Ellington Gives 5 Holiday Oral Health Tips!

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friends gathered celebrating holidaysIt’s that joyous time of the year where gifts are to be exchanged, and families gather to celebrate. As you prepare for the festivities, though, your family dentist in Ellington says don’t forget to take the necessary steps to protect your oral health. Read on to learn 5 helpful tips to put to use.


October 1, 2018

Have a Healthy Halloween from Your Children’s Dentist in Ellington

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Children in costumes with candy.Happy Halloween! As the holiday approaches, kids and parents alike are getting excited to dress up and eat their favorite treats. Halloween is a fun time for you and your family, but this time of year also means more candy consumption. Keep reading to learn how you and your loved ones can have a happy Halloween, while keeping your teeth healthy at the same time from your children’s dentist in Ellington.


September 21, 2018

Are All Toothpaste Brands the Same? A Family Dentist in Ellington Weighs in

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A young girl brushing her tongue.Some choices in life aren’t as easy as they first appear. Take choosing a toothpaste for example. “That’s easy,” you may say. “One is as good as another.” In truth, however, toothpastes can differ greatly in terms of the benefits they offer. Here are some tips from a family dentist in Ellington for making this important decision.


August 26, 2018

Can I Use My Dental Insurance for My Cosmetic Dentist in Ellington?

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woman with attractive smileEvery month you pay premiums for your dental insurance. This allows you to visit your dentist twice a year to achieve and maintain your oral health, but can you also use your coverage to get the smile of your dreams? Your cosmetic dentist in Ellington offers an array of procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums; however, your dental benefits may not cover their costs. To use your coverage, the procedures must be deemed necessary to improve your dental health.

February 12, 2018

Your Dentist Supports National Children’s Dental Health Month

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Young children smilingEvery February is dedicated as National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness to the importance of early childhood dental care and oral hygiene habits. Dental professionals from around the world come together to promote the health of young smiles. As a parent, you can support the cause by fostering healthy oral hygiene habits at home while taking your child to the dentist twice a year.

January 12, 2018

Can a Cosmetic Dentist in Ellington Help You in 2018?

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whiter teethHad you taken the time to write down all your new year’s resolutions for 2018 already? Did one of them include reaching a new level of oral health or a brighter, shinier smile? If so, you need to reach out to your cosmetic dentist in Ellington. After all, for your cosmetic dentist to improve the aesthetic of your smile, it must be healthy and strong first!

Learn more about how your local dentist can improve your teeth and gums with comprehensive dental services in this week’s blog post about cosmetic treatments and procedures.


December 17, 2017

Breaking Down Common Myths with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Ellington

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A woman with whitened teeth.

If you’ve been hesitating when it comes to whitening your teeth, your cosmetic dentist in Ellington is here to help. It’s truly a shame when misinformation prevents people from pursuing treatments that are designed to be completely safe, so your dentist is doing what they can to dispel whitening myths today. You might be surprised to find a myth you believed is on this list.

Whether it’s the long-term effects teeth-whitening can have on your teeth or the difference between bleaching and whitening, your dentist can explain it in a way you’ll understand. (more…)

September 22, 2017

Benefits of Brushing Your Tongue From Your Dentist in Ellington

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A young girl brushing her tongue.When you think of bacteria in your mouth, where does your mind go first? Is it your teeth? Or is it your gums? Now answer this: did you ever consider how much bacteria lives on the top of your tongue? There are literally thousands of bacteria on your tongue at any given time, so including it in your regular oral health routine carries several benefits. Inside, your dentist in Ellington explains why so much bacteria lands on your tongue and how to remove it, giving you cleaner and fresher-smelling breath every day.


August 26, 2017

Get the Smile of Your Dreams with Invisalign in Ellington

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Woman with beautiful smileHave you always dreamed of having the perfect smile, but every time you look in the mirror you are left feeling disappointed? You are not alone. In fact, one-third of adults do not like how their teeth look, often due to alignment issues. Although you have probably considered orthodontics in the past, you feel you are too old because you do not want to deal with the appearance and restrictions of metal braces. Now, you can get a flawless smile using a sophisticated treatment with Invisalign in Ellington. The clear aligners are discreet while effective for closing gaps and correcting overcrowding or rotated teeth.

July 31, 2017

What You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea in Ellington

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Sleep apnea in Ellington requires effective therapy. We need to talk about sleep apnea in Ellington. It’s a sleep breathing disorder that affects some 18 million people in the United States. Many them don’t realize there’s a treatable condition behind their chronic snoring and fatigue. Left untreated, sleep apnea can take a toll on an otherwise healthy body, and it leads to premature death in the most severe cases. Keep reading to learn more about sleep apnea and its treatment. Because you deserve all the benefits of a full night’s sleep, every single night. 


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